Meet Our Members

Our members have one thing in common: they all want to make a positive impact with their money. 

Why did you invest? 

Buying a solar bond gave me the chance to support clean energy and the co-op model while also making a good and reliable financial decision. I like knowing that money I've invested goes towards something I truly believe in

- Maya Shapiro, Anthropologist, Toronto

I am proud to be a SolarShare investor because I am truly investing in clean green energy. This is a rare and incredible opportunity.

- Dominic Wong, Non-profit Manager, Gormley

Putting my money into solar energy is an investment not only in my own future retirement, but in the future of my daughter and future grandchildren. I am very concerned about the horrendous consequences of continuing to burn fossil fuels. Global warming will cause terrible suffering for future generations. By investing in clean, solar energy, I am doing my small part to stop climate change.  

- Jane Story, Policy & Communications Professional, Toronto

I'm a soon-to-be 64 year-old husband, father, eco-psychotherapist, singer-songwriter, and back-country canoe camper. For me, there is no more significant issue than the environmental crisis and its' numerous symptoms that threaten the foundations of our existence as a species on this beautiful planet. There is nothing more important to me than contributing what I can. Participation in SolarShare is part of my humble contribution.

- Anthony Wilson, Psychotherapist, Toronto

I am a proud member of SolarShare because I am part of a group that is passionate like me about making a difference using renewable energy. It reminds me of our connection to source of life - the sun. Makes me smile. Motivated me to install solar on my house and share my experience with others.

- Philip Ling, P.Eng., Entrepreneur, Markham

"I've been thinking about how to invest our savings, and have always wanted to support green, local energy sources, so getting this Solar Bond right now is just perfect timing. We try to make good choices in the rest of our lives, so it makes sense that we ensure our investments are also good for the environment and helping to build a positive future."

- Emily Alfred, Environment Campaigner, Toronto

I’m delighted to support SolarShare’s leadership in the urgent transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Photovoltaic’s are a vital energy source in a sustainable society.

- Bob Willard, Sustainability Author, Whitby

This is our dear son Alexander who's going on 5 months.  He's really happy to be here!  As parents we are by nature seeing things long term, so SolarShare bonds are a great fit for his future - long term investments that make sense financially, socially and environmentally.

- Julian Terpstra & Kathy Raddon, Toronto

I'm Tracey Tief and I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner with a clinic, Anarres Natural Health, in downtown Toronto. I became a member of SolarShare because I strive to walk as lightly on the Earth as possible. I invest in renewable energy in order to offset my household and my practice's consumption. I  believe in cooperatives and our ability to work together towards a better, healthier, more just, world.

- Tracey Tief, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Toronto

It's hard to distill the many reasons I think investing in SolarShare are wise. To start the return is good, low risk, and I believe in clean energy sources. Finally the extra money in my savings account was going to support the oil sands and mining. I decided to feed three birds with one seed -  and that's why I invest with SolarShare.

-- Mark Sherman, Arborist, Toronto

I no longer wanted to be a passive consumer of energy. As a SolarShare member I became an active participant. The competitive interest rates on an ethical energy portfolio, promoting local autonomy and the democratic-decision making made this the right choice for me.

-- Kristen Corbet, Boreal Solar, Kitchener-Waterloo

I was looking for a way to save for my future without investing in the oil or mining industries for both environmental and social reasons. It's pretty difficult to avoid those sectors as an investor in Canada, so I was really happy to find Solar Bonds! SolarShare as a cooperative reflects my values, and the bonds get me a great return, so it's a win-win set up. 

-- Hanna Caplan, Newcomer Youth Advisor, Toronto

I've usually relied on my mother's advice when it comes to investments, so I was thrilled to be able to recommend solar bonds to her - now we're both investors!  SolarShare is the only investment in my portfolio that supports my local community and my environmental values. It also happens to be earning me a great rate of return, which is pretty awesome!

-- Linda & Helen Varekamp, Toronto/ Bayfield

Unfortunately we cannot just turn back the clock, but, we can make a difference by focusing our efforts on making our towns and cities more sustainable. For too long we have relied on energy sources that cause pollution and are inefficient. One simple way to make a difference is to invest in solar power initiatives. The SolarShare Co-operative allows members to generate solar power while making a prudent investment. It’s a win-win.

-- Chris Emanuel, Town Councillor, Town of Newmarket

I was interested because I am already a supporter of solar power, but can't get any more on my office or home. It is a great investment for the pocketbook (far better than most bonds in my RRSP), but also a good investment in clean air and renewable energy.

-- Richard Ehrlich, Dentist, Caledon

I bought SolarShare bonds mostly to diversify my portfolio but it's nice to know that the electricity I use at home is being generated from something I had a part in as well. Solar energy has fascinated me from the time I got my first solar powered calculator and it's nice to see the ways it's evolved.

-- Nelson Lai, Actuarial Analyst, Markham

Investing in a Solar Bond met my desire to join this growing movement of renewable energy, reduce my personal carbon output and balance my financial portfolio to better reflect who I am and what I stand for. SolarShare in Mississauga seeks to grow solar's influence in my neighbourhoods and I am proud to be part of such a fine undertaking."

 -- Sean McGhie, Rehabilitation Support Worker, Mississauga

Hi, I’m Emma Liv Mitchell Knapp and I’m pretty new around here.  But with my dad involved in the solar industry and a pretty good understanding of financial principles (that I got from my mommy), making a solar bond my first investment was a no brainer.  It makes me feel good to clean up a world I hope to be a part of for the next 100 or so years, and my bond fits my portfolio perfectly from an asset-liability matching perspective. 

-- Emma Knapp, Toronto

Solar is about reducing our reliance on polluting and forms of energy. And, because solar can be put on rooftops it provides an opportunity for everyday folks to generate power (and cash).  As urban apartment-dwellers we can't put solar on our roof so SolarShare provides an opportunity to participate by investing in something that we feel good about. 
-- Ian Rice & Claire Malcolmson, Toronto

SolarShare is finally an investment I can feel proud of socially, environmentally, and economically.  It was the most exciting investment I’ve made in a long time because it aligns with my values!

-- Steven Pacifico, Delphi Group, Toronto

Nuclear and fossil fuels are so last century. Solar is now!

-- Angela Bischoff, Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Toronto

Green energy opportunities are an excellent opportunity to diversify the existing farm business and also the right thing to do to utilize natural resources such as wind and sun in the province's power portfolio. SolarShare makes it possible for the involvement in the next generation.

-- Brubacher Family, Carlotte Farms, Arthur

Being a new father is scary - always wondering if I am doing things right and making the right choices for my daughter's future. However, buying a solar bond for her was a no-brainer. It is one way I can make a direct and positive impact on the world she is going to grow up in. With a global issue as daunting as climate change, it's easy to become disengaged. But we know what the problem is and we know what is needed to be done. SolarShare is a way we can all do what we need to for the next generation.

-- Wesley Normington, TREC, Toronto 

Like many Ontarians, we live in a large, residential building. We do not have land, roof space, or money for a PV system of our own. We were delighted to learn that SolarShare would allow us to join in co-operative ownership of PV systems that are already generating clean energy. Buying SolarShare bonds offered us a chance to join the fight against global climate change. We hope that other condominium and apartment-dwellers will join us in becoming SolarShare bond owners.
-- Dennis & Alice Bartels, Toronto

Part of my home is powered by the sun. I'm part of the solution to climate change. I work with other like-minded people to show that cooperative investment can build a sustainable future. I support local people who make local electricity and local jobs. I make money by helping instead of harming the earth and my community. These are the reasons I'm a member of Solarshare.

-- Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of Toronto Environmental Alliance, Toronto

As a young investor, I’m excited to be a SolarShare bondholder and co-op member. I know my funds are gaining triple bottom line returns and I can see the results for myself on a local level. This unique investment opportunity makes me hopeful that as a society, we are realizing our power to influence positive change, using only our chequebooks; I look forward to seeing our community continuing to shift towards impact investing and supporting environmentally sustainable developments."

-- Melissa Mirowski, Sustainability Planner, Pickering

As a scientist, I'm very concerned by the troubling news coming from climate scientists, and by the large gap between our current actions and what needs to be done to limit dangerous climate change.  As a parent, I think that working toward a low-carbon energy system is the most important thing that we need to be doing as a society for the future of our children and future generations. Take the satisfaction that comes from knowing you're investing in clean energy and couple it with a good return on a low-risk investment, and the decision to invest in SolarShare was an easy one.

-- James Booth, scientist and researcher, Toronto

For me, the decision to become a SolarShare member was an easy one. It was an opportunity to invest in something harmonious with my values. I am not only supporting local, clean solar energy projects, but also job creation and a reconceptualization of community involvement in the production of energy. I think it's such a great initiative that I became a SolarShare Ambassador to spread the word about it.

-- Aimee Holmes, Manager of Employment Services, Toronto

My interest in moving towards a post-carbon economy led me to co-found the Climate Change Lawyers Network and attend COP15 in Copenhagen. I quickly realized that a post-carbon economy will not easily be implemented with top-down laws, but with individuals, communities and businesses voluntarily making choices that collectively reduce our carbon footprints. I invested in SolarShare to tangibly demonstrate my commitment to shifting us away from fossil fuels through community-based solutions.

- Robert Wakulat, Environmental Lawyer, Toronto 

Our doctors would like to see coal and nuclear power phased-out because they are both detrimental to the environment and to human health. Wind, solar, geothermal and other renewables are a big part of the solution, they're clean, healthy and better for our planet. CAPE is proud to be a SolarShare member because we believe in the future of green energy. We don't need more smog and radiation polluting our environment and our bodies. We need to make smart investment decisions so that the renewable energy industry can flourish.

- Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

SolarShare truly democratizes access to renewable energy in the province. If you rent, live in a condo, or simply don't want to spend $20,000 or more on your own rooftop system, SolarShare offers a way to be part of Ontario's exciting FIT program. It also represents a safe investment during troubling economic times. Plus, it just feels good having my investment dollars dedicated to reducing Ontario’s carbon footprint.I hope to see more SolarShare-type investment opportunities emerge over the coming years.
 -- Tyler Hamilton, Corporate Knights, Toronto 

Having worked in the Ontario solar industry from the beginning of the FIT and microFIT programs I was keenly aware of the environmental and economic benefits this presented. Unfortunately my wife and I live in a location where installing our own solar project is not feasible.  We were happy to have an opportunity to participate in the greening of Ontario’s energy system. Solar Bonds are an innovative solution for those who cannot directly own their own project but still want to help the environment and invest their money safely. 

- Khalid Grant, Solar Professional, Toronto

Dianne Saxe is Toronto's Environmental Lawyer of the Year and one of the world’s top 25 environmental lawyers, according to international rating services. She is a certified Specialist in Environmental Law, and Ph.D. in Law. Dianne invested in SolarShare because "the people who live in a community should be able to invest in local power, help run it, help work for it, profit from it, be a part of it. It's really exciting.

- Dianne Saxe, Environmental Lawyer, Toronto

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