SolarShare projects convert energy from the sun into clean electricity. The Ontario government buys our electricity for 20 years, and we pay you. When you purchase a Solar Bond your funds are invested directly in solar projects that are already built and generating stable revenues. For more information, watch the webinar >>

SolarShare is a provincial co-operative. Only Ontario residents are eligible to invest.
Type of Investment: 
Annual Interest Rate: 
Lifetime Membership Fee: 
Total Solar Bonds Offered in 2014: 
Solar Bonds Raised to Date: 
5-Year Bond
$40 lifetime fee
$8.0 Million
$5 Million

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UPDATE Oct 14: The SolarShare Offering Statement is reviewed annually by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). The 2014-2015 Offering Statement is now under review. Until the new Offering Statement is approved, bond sales will not be processed by SolarShare, but feel free to send in your investment and post-date your cheque to November 1st. We will send you the new offering when it is approved, expected the first week in November.