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Solar Bonds through CWCF

The Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF) is a national, grassroots membership organization of and for worker co-operatives, related types of co-operatives (multi-stakeholder co-ops and worker-shareholder co-ops), and organizations that support the growth and development of worker co-operatives. 
How it Works
The CWCF is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to manage your self-directed RRSP account through Concentra Financial. Open a self-directed RRSP account to hold Solar Bonds by making new contributions or by transferring RRSPs from other institutions. Co-op securities are the only type of investments that can be held in your CWCF account. There is no RRIF program available (make sure you are of the age that you can hold this bond for 5 years, i.e. not over 66). Contact the CWCF directly to make changes to your account or make a withdrawal. Contact Kristin Glenn, RRSP Program Manager at CWCF
The CWCF charges an annual fee of $55 and an account closing fee of $75. If you would like to withdraw your funds and close the account, CWCF will mail you a cheque for the amount requested less the $75 account closing fee. If you plan to make multiple contributions within the calendar year, you will need to pay $55 each time. SolarShare is responsible for collecting the annual fee, therefore we are collecting $275 from you up front to ensure we have the funds available each year for 5 years to pay CWCF. If you already have Solar Bonds held with the CWCF, and you purchase more bonds that mature later than your current bonds, you will have to pay $55 to keep your account open for each additional year. Take a look at the CWCF Fees & Interest Calculator to find out what you'll net in interest after paying the fees.

Fill out the forms below and mail them to SolarShare directly. Please note that you are the annuitant. Click on each form, download, and print. 

  1. Read the Offering Statement
  2. Fill out the Co-operative Membership/ Bond Purchase Request form. Disregard "Interest Payment" section and do not include a void cheque (we do not deposit payments because interest compounds). If you are already a SolarShare member, fill out the Co-operative Investment Agreement - Existing Member
  3. Declaration of Trust - No signature required. Please read the document. 
  4. CWCF RRSP Application Form -
    • Fill in your contact and personal information.
    • Leave the Contract # blank.
    • If it is a spousal account, you should put a Y in the contributor box, and fill in the details of the contributor.
    • If you are transferring from an existing RRSP account, transfers must be made from/to a like account - so, if you have an existing spousal account elsewhere that you plan to transfer money from, you would need to open a spousal account with CWCF.  
  5. Designation of Beneficiary - Assigning a beneficiary is optional.
    • Leave the Client Contract # blank.
    • Put a check mark beside First Designation (add).
    • Ensure a witness signs.  
  6. Fee Schedule - Print your name on the top line. Leave Contract # blank. Sign and date. 
  7. CWCF Payment Authorization Form  - Print your name on the top line. Sign and date bottom. 
  8. CWCF Deposit Form -
    • Leave the Contract # blank.
    • If you are transferring from an existing investment, put a check mark beside the appropriate transfer option.
    • If you are making a new contribution, put a check mark beside Contribution In-Kind. Leave the Deposit Date box blank.
    • In the Security Deposits box enter SolarShare Bonds and the value you would like to invest (minimum $1,000, increments of $1,000). The securities deposit section should only be filled out if it is a contribution in kind. For an RRSP transfer, leave this section blank. For an in kind contribution, CWCF requires a copy of the deposit slip showing that the cash investment has been deposited into your bank account. 
    • Sign and date. The agent is James Law, 416-977-5093 x2350 
  9. CWCF DirectTransfer-In Form - This indicates that you are transferring funds in from another RRSP to purchase SolarShare bonds. 
    • Contact the institution that manages this RRSP to generate the cash or make it very clear on the form which holdings are to be sold to generate the cash.
    • Currently, we only accept transfers rounded to the nearest thousand to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete the transaction. 
    • Fill in your name, SIN, phone number, and address.  
    • Include the address and phone number of the institution the investment is transferring from.
    • Fill in the “Contract or Plan #” with the information from the account you are transferring from. Leave the “Deposit #,” and the “Maturity Date” blank.  Leave Part II blank. 
    • Ensure you have liquidated all funds that you wish to transfer to SolarShare
    • Have a friend or family member sign as guarantor of your signature
  10. Write cheque payable to TREC SolarShare Co-op (No1) Inc for your:
    • $40 lifetime co-op membership fee (disregard if you are already a member)
    • $275 account management fee. We send the $275 to the CWCF to cover your annual $55 account management fee on your behalf. 
    • If you are making a new cash contribution and not transferring from an existing RRSP, add your Solar Bond investment amount to the total (same amount that is on your deposit form). Please keep in mind that your bank may remove fees from your account before the transfer is complete - it is important to clarify these fees with your bank so that you transfer a correct amount.
    • Or, pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Download this form and scan it to us. 
  11. Send all documents above and SolarShare cheque to: 

SolarShare Co-op
401 Richmond St W, Suite 240
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8

12. SolarShare will send you an email confirmation when we receive your application. If you are transferring RRSPs, allow 2-3 months for funds to be transferred from your institution to CWCF. 

Questions? Call Jennifer Bryan, Community Investment Manager at 416-977-7363 or