Solar Bonds Are Eligible for Registered Plans

SolarShare projects convert energy from the sun into clean electricity. The Ontario government buys our electricity for 20 years, and we pay you. When you purchase a Solar Bond your funds are invested directly in solar projects that are already built and generating stable revenues. 

Option #1 RRSP/TFSA in a Self-Directed Account

Invest in a Self-Directed Registered Plan through your wealth manager, investment advisor, or discount brokerage firm. Get started by sending the SolarShare Registered Investment Introduction Package to your representative. Questrade is one such brokerage firm that will accept Solar Bonds in registered accounts. Learn more here >>

Option #2 RRSP/TFSA in an Account with the CWCF

Open an RRSP, TFSA account administered by the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (CWCF). They will hold the bond on your behalf in an account with a trust agent. CWCF charges $55 per year to administer the account and you may only hold co-op securities in that account. Learn more here>>

Option #3 RRSP/TFSA/RRIF in an Account with Caldwell Securities Ltd.

Caldwell Securities Ltd. (CSL) is an Independent Investment Advisory Service that will work with you to manage your investments and hold your Solar Bonds in a registered plan. CSL will charge $65 per year to manage your Solar Bonds in an RRSP, TFSA, or RRIF. Learn more here>>


You receive a 5% annual return for a 5-Year term, which is competitive in today's market. 

Your investment is secured by SolarShare's assets and stable revenue stream, backed by 20-year contracts with the province.


SolarShare is a non-profit co-operative and all investors become members. You will be part of a united group of over 1500 members committed to supporting community-driven renewable energy. SolarShare members have invested nearly $35 million and earned $3.3 million.

The SolarShare community touches at least 50,000 people per year through public engagement activities.


You will be part owner of SolarShare's 45 completed solar PV systems.

SolarShare projects generate over
28 million kWh of clean electricity which can power nearly 2000 homes annually.