Our 4% 5-year bonds are on sale now!

Why Solar Bonds? 

Most impact investments are only available to large institutions and high net worth individuals, but SolarShare bonds only have a $1,000 minimum and are available to any retail investor residing in Ontario. 


You receive a 4% ANNUAL RETURN which is competitive in today's market. 

Your investment is secured by SolarShare's assets and stable revenue stream, backed by 20-year contracts with the province. 


You are part of a united group of over 1600 MEMBERS committed to supporting community driven renewable energy. 

The SolarShare community touches at least 50,000 PEOPLE PER YEAR through public engagement activities. 


You'll own a small slice of an Ontario solar project. 

Our projects annually generate over 
17 MILLION KILOWATT-HOURS OF CLEAN ELECTRICITY, resulting in an annual greenhouse gas emissions reduction of more than 400 TONNES