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Management Team

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Mike Brigham, President

Mike Brigham has been working on SolarShare's development since 2007. With 30 years of experience in solar PV technology and having active roles in the Green Energy Act Alliance and Community Power Capital, Mike leverages his considerable project and technical experience combined with his industry involvement to best represent the interests of SolarShare and its members.

Chris Caners

Chris Caners, P. Eng., General Manager

Chris is a professional engineer with more than a decade of experience in greenhouse gas emissions verification and management, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Prior to joining SolarShare in May 2016, Chris was a Senior Manager with ICF International. He has also worked with M-KOPA Solar (Kenya) and was the Manager of the University of Toronto Sustainability Office. In addition, Chris is a past director of the Clean Air Partnership, and a former member of the Residual Waste Working Group of the City of Toronto and the Grants and Special Projects Committee of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.

Jennifer Bryan, Community Investment & Marketing Manager

Jennifer manages solar bond sales, communications and member recruitment. She loves doing work for causes that matter and has over 13 years of not-for-profit sales, marketing, event management, and communications experience under her belt. Jennifer draws on her musical background to infuse creativity in her work, and has a keen interest in socially responsible organizations that make a positive impact on people’s lives. 


Greg Goubko, Services Manager, TREC

As Services Manager, Greg has a broad range of responsibilities, including member management, accounting, investment management and operation/maintenance for SolarShare’s projects. Greg’s passion for sustainability developed hand-in-hand with his skill set throughout his educational journey at McGill’s School of Environment. After obtaining his bachelors of science degree in Earth Science and Economics, he worked as an environmental lab technician, primarily testing soil and water samples for anions via Ion Chromatography.

On his time off, Greg enjoys strolling around town with his two best buddies Atticus and Scout (rescue puppies from Attawapiskat).


Meghan McLennan, Project Coordinator

Megan is the Project Coordinator and works to support the development of SolarShare's projects. She has been active in the community power sector since 2007. After working for the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association as their policy and communications intern, Meghan joined the Community Power Fund where she helped to develop, implement and manage two grant programs which supported the development of community-based renewable energy projects in Ontario. Meghan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Waterloo and a Masters in Public Policy and Administration from Ryerson University.


Jonathan Silver, Outreach Coordinator

Jonathan is a speaker, educator, researcher, writer, urban interventionist and down-to-earth philosopher (MA, University of Toronto). At SolarShare, he educates communities on how they can invest in Solar Bonds to secure a clean-energy future. Learn more about Jonathan here.