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Future Development

SolarShare's portfolio of solar development for 2017 consists of 11 Ontario sites: three ground-mounted facilities near Kingston that are built and producing electricity, and eight 600 kilowatt ground-mounted facilities in Timiskaming, all with Endura Energy Project Group, Endura Energy Developments Inc., and Soventix Canada.

Each of the ground-mounted facilities is on 20-year leased land and will utilize Canadian company Morgan Solar's advanced dual-axis solar tracking technology. 

SolarShare will fully finance all construction activities and purchase the commissioned generating facilities shortly after commercial operation. The generators are each grid-connected and derive revenue through Ontario’s feed-tariff FIT3 program. These FIT3 contracts from the Independent Electricity System Operator will mean these planned projects can connect to the grid, supply more clean energy to the province, and provide investment opportunities for co-op members for years to come.   

At this time, SolarShare is not looking for new rooftop space, but we are looking to purchase projects that already have a FIT contract offer. Please contact technical @ in this regard.