Our 4% 5-year bonds are on sale now!


SolarShare's projects convert energy from the sun into clean electricity. When you invest in us, your funds are invested directly in solar projects that are already built and generating stable revenues. The Ontario government buys our electricity over 20 years, and we pay you interest.

SolarShare is a provincial co-operative. Join over 1600 Ontario residents who have invested more than $39 million and have earned over $5 million in returns while supporting a clean energy future. 

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Our Offering:

Solar Bond is an investment in which Ontario residents or organizations lend funds to SolarShare so we can pay back the investors who finance the construction of our solar installations. SolarShare uses your funds for a defined period of time and pays you interest at a fixed rate. 


Annual Interest Rate: 4%
Lifetime Member Fee: $40
Principal Repayment: 5th Year

  • Invest through SolarShare and have interest deposited directly into your bank account

  • Invest through an RRSP or TFSA 

  • Purchase additional bonds if you are an existing member or corporate investor 

  • Give Solar Bonds as gifts