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Invest in the Future of Clean Energy Today!

SolarShare's projects convert energy from the sun into clean electricity.

SolarShare is a provincial cooperative founded in 2010. Over 1,600 Ontario residents have invested more than $39 million and have earned over $5 million in returns while supporting a clean energy future. 


Your funds are invested directly in solar projects that are already built and generating stable revenues.


An investment in SolarShare is an investment in all of our solar projects across the province. We secure separate financing when constructing new solar projects so that our bondholders get all of the rewards with less risk. 

Interest on our Solar Bonds are paid semi-annually to members and is deposited directly into their bank account, RRSP, or TFSA.

A one-time membership fee of $40 applies to all new members.


The Offering Statement contains important information about the Solar Bonds offered for sale by SolarShare. 

You should read the entire Offering Statement before deciding whether or not to purchase Solar Bonds. All prospective purchasers must receive this Offering Statement before completing their purchase. This document was officially receipted by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario on December 20, 2019.


  • 400 tonnes of displaced greenhouse gas emissions
  • 18 million kWh of power generated
  • 2,000 Canadian homes powered
  • Improved community knowledge and support for renewable energy

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Did you know that you can give a gift of a Solar Bond in the name of a family member or friend? 

You can also purchase additional Solar Bonds if you are an existing member or corporate investor.


"I met with an ethical financial advisor. He recommended SolarShare as one part of my portfolio. It’s a win-win; you get to help the transition to a greener economy and you get a pretty great return at the same time.”  Felix Whitton, Senior Program and Engagement Lead at Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

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About Our Team

Have a question about our bonds, projects or investment process? Contact a member of our team, we’re here to help.

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Explore Solar Share’s projects and monitor their performance live!


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SolarShare staff are working remotely until further notice, during which time our physical office location will not be open to our members or the public. Thank you to all of our essential service and health care professionals.

We continue to welcome your investments in Solar Bonds, and we strongly encourage the use of our electronic forms as physically mailed investment applications and cheques will take longer to receive and process. 

If you have any questions or wish to make a new Solar Bond investment in a registered account, please contact us at 416.977.7363 or [email protected].

Thank you for your patience at this time.