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15-Year Long Bond

Why a longer term investment?

SolarShare has a need for long-term debt, but we would rather pay the interest to our members than to the banks. Some members are looking for a stable income product so they can park their funds for a longer term and receive steady payments. 

15-Year Solar Bonds earn 6% interest, with a minimum individual purchase of $10,000. These are self-amortizing bonds, with repayment comprised of twice yearly equal payments of blended principal and interest, with an amortization period equal to the 15-year term of the bond. While the payment amount is fixed, the ratio of interest and principal changes over time, according to standard amortization tables. Take a look at this sample payment schedule for an investment of $10,000. Everything you might want to know about the investment and SolarShare can be found in the Offering Statement.

15-Year Solar Bonds are processed on the first of the month after the order is received*. The yearly payments are deposited into the investor's bank account every 6 months afterward, on the first of the month.

*Please keep in mind that we will hold any payments you send us until the first of the next month and process your investment then. Currently, 15-Year Solar Bonds will be processed on September 1, 2017. Contract [email protected] or 1.866.560.8463 for information.

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15-Year Long Bond