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15-Year Long Bond

Why a longer term investment?

SolarShare has a need for long-term debt, but we would rather pay the interest to our members than to the banks. Some members are looking for a stable income product so they can park their funds for a longer term and receive steady payments. 

15-Year Solar Bonds earn 6% interest, with a minimum individual purchase of $10,000. These are self-amortizing bonds, with repayment comprised of twice yearly equal payments of blended principal and interest, with an amortization period equal to the 15-year term of the bond. While the payment amount is fixed, the ratio of interest and principal changes over time, according to standard amortization tables. Take a look at this sample payment schedule for an investment of $10,000.

15-Year Solar Bonds are processed on the first of the month after the order is received. SolarShare will hold any payments you send us until the first of the next month and process your investment then.  The yearly payments are deposited into the investor's bank account every 6 months afterward, on the first of the month.

Please note that SolarShare is currently sold out of Solar Bonds. Find out when new bonds will be available by following us on Twitter & Facebook, and signing up for our e-newsletter


  1. Read the SolarShare Offering Statement 2018-19, a legal document containing important information about the investment. 

  2. Interested in holding your Solar Bonds in an RRSP, TFSA or other registered plan? Find out more here.

  3. To hold Solar Bonds directly with SolarShare and receive interest directly into your bank account, INVEST ONLINE or download and fill out the SolarShare Bond Purchase & Membership Application.

  4. Submit payment for your one-time SolarShare membership fee ($40) and investment:

    • INVEST ONLINE and you will have the option to pay electronically or via cheque
    • By cheque: payable to TREC SolarShare Co-operative (No.1) Inc and send by mail to the address below

    • By Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): fill out the SolarShare PAD Agreement form and email or fax it as per below

Mailing Address
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