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Solar Bonds through Caldwell Securities Ltd.

Caldwell Securities Ltd. (CSL) has been helping Canadian families organize their financial goals and objectives, and develop personalized and flexible wealth management plans that meet their needs and risk profile today, and in the future. CSL has worked with community-based Co-operatives, members and organizations that support community growth and development.

How it Works
CSL can open self-directed registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA, and/or RRIF) that can hold Solar Bonds as well as other investment products. You can transfer registered funds from other institutions and make additional contributions to your CSL registered account. Interest earned on SolarShare bonds held with CSL is simple. Your contact advisor, Tuck Yiong, Portfolio Manager, will personally contact you directly.

Tuck Yiong

1-800-387-0859 (toll free)

[email protected]

CSL charges an annual registered account fee of $65 and you can deposit additional Solar Bonds into the account at any time at no additional transactional costs. Transaction fees for other investment products held at CSL are to be worked out separately from SolarShare.

  1. Read the current Offering Statement.

  2. Fill out the Bond Purchase form. 

  3. Pay Your Fees. Write a cheque payable to TREC SolarShare Co-op (No. 1) Inc or fill out a Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement to authorize an electronic fund transfer for the $40 lifetime SolarShare co-op membership fee (disregard if you are already a member).
  4. SolarShare will forward your information to Tuck Yiong at Caldwell Securities Inc. who will contact you to book a meeting with them. They will manage the process of transferring your funds to hold Solar Bonds in a registered plan with their institution.
Take a look at the CSL Fees & Interest Calculator to see how the fees affect the interest earned.

SolarShare Co-op
401 Richmond St W, Suite 240
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8

SolarShare will process your application and then forward it to CSL after which you will be contacted by Tuck Yiong to schedule a meeting to discuss your investment.

Contact Jennifer Bryan, Community Investment & Marketing Manager at
416-977-7363 or [email protected]