Solar Bonds as Gifts

Help your friends and family get on board with solar power too. A Solar Bond provides solid financial returns and contributes to the production of clean electricity for years to come. The minimum purchase for a Solar Bond is $1000. earning 5% fixed interest for a 5-year term. 

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  1. Fill out a SolarShare PAD Agreement to authorize an electronic fund transfer and email it to [email protected] or mail us a cheque for the bond (increments of $1,000) and one-time SolarShare membership fee ($40). Include a note with the recipient name and email address. Make cheque payable to: TREC SolarShare Co-op (No 1) Inc. 
  2. We will send you a letter and gift bond-certificate that you can give to the recipient, along with the SolarShare Bond Purchase & Membership Application form.
  3. Once the recipient has received the letter and gift certificate, they will need to send us their completed Bond Purchase & Membership form, signed and dated. We'll then process their investment and mail them a copy of their bond certificate.

Questions? Contact us at 1.866.560.9463 or [email protected] and we'll help you set everything up.