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2017 SolarShare Board Candidates


The following people have nominated themselves to the Board of Directors. The election will take place on June 14, 2017 and all members are eligible to vote. There are 3 available positions.

Stephen Crocco

Over the last 20 years I have been project managing large corporate (TELUS, Rogers, Interac, IBM) initiatives which has given me the opportunities to interact with all departments within the organization including sales, finance, marketing and customer service as well as a large cross section of technology teams. Part of my job is to understand each department and how they interact.

I think I have a broad range of knowledge that can be leveraged to provide a different perspective to the board of directors. I believe in what the company is accomplishing and I would be a good representative in engaging the community. My project management experience allows me to understand the big picture and break it down into smaller deliverables.

Ken Shelson  

I am a software developer, although I actually trained as a chemical engineer and holds a P. Eng. designation. I've developed software for a variety of industries, from fitness studios to non-profits to phone companies. Along the way, I've learned to work in a wide range of cultures and worked with everyone from executives to activists to visionaries.

As a SolarShare member (and previously a TREC Member-in-waiting), I've been involved with the solar and wind initiatives for more than seven years. I believe that renewable energy projects need more visibility and am willing to work to ensure that the potential of environment-friendly projects is further realized. As an engineer and software developer, I realize that technology must be used to minimize the use of "dead-end" energy sources, that end up causing more harm than good.

Mike Brigham

I am both the co-founder and president of SolarShare. Working as a full time volunteer since 2010, I have been in charge of developing over $38 million in solar projects to date (with $22 million more under construction), developing the co-op’s technical specifications, project monitoring and maintenance programs, economic model for project pricing and have I have been responsible for negotiating all of the co-op's 47 property leases.

I was a co-founder and remain the president of and lead investor in the Community Power Capital Fund, the $18 million private capital fund which finances the construction of SolarShare’s projects, so as to remove construction risk from the co-ops public (bond) investors. I was also previously one of 2 Feed-In Tariff consultants to the Green Energy Act Alliance and participated in the formation of Ontario’s FIT program.

My goal is to engage many more Ontario residents in solar energy by building SolarShare to an even larger and more successful organization than it is today.

Jen Aitchison

I am a renewable energy and risk management professional with over 15 years in the insurance industry 8 of which have been spent focused on renewable energy. I have precious board and current advisory committee experience as well as project management and strategic insight in to operations.

I hope to bring my risk management, Business development and people management skills back to the board in support of SolarShare's successful journey forward in sustainable cooperative growth of the solar industry.

Barry Campbell

I have had a variety of work experiences, including paper boy, grounds keeper, smelter worker, member of the Canadian Forces, high school teacher (biology and chemistry), and ER physician. I have a Ph.D. in biology and for the last 20 years have been earning my living editing scientific papers. I have been interested in and recognized the importance of a healthy environment to a healthy planet since my undergraduate days in the mid 1970s.

I am interested in Solar power and have had a 10-kW microFIT system up and running on my property since October 2010. I joined Queen Street Solar in 2011 and have served on its board since 2013.

Ryan Walters

I completed a Masters Degree in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Glasgow. My dissertation focused on the economic and social impacts of the feed in tariff policy relating to renewable energy development in the UK. My paper was later published in the Journal of Energy Policy. I am also LEED (R) certified and hold a B.Comm in entrepreneurship and finance.

I currently work at Ryerson University and serve on the Board of Directors of my residential cooperative building. I also serve as a judge on a panel that evaluates business pitches from teams applying to Ryerson University's social entrepreneurship start-up incubator. I also coach 2 of the teams. I try to bring a balanced, philosophical approach by asking good questions and exploring issues from different perspectives. I believe in the constructive power of dialogue and conflicting ideas.

Adam Stratton

I have more than 18 years of experience in the field of renewable energy, clean-tech and specifically solar energy. I have consistently moved through the sector across disciplines and continents. As a direct result of my expertise in organization, relationship management and technical attention to detail, along with my commitment to personal and professional excellence, and excellent written and oral communication skills in more than 4 languages, I have held important strategic and operational positions throughout the years.

My passion for education and people is pushing me to look to further my exploration of this field in hopes to be able to offer the organization ideas and sweat equity to create new business opportunities and structures.

Ian Lipton

As President of The Carbon Accounting Company, I am accountable for all aspects of the operation and expansion of our business including the strategic development of environmental sustainability programs, software and consulting services. I am a certified GHG Inventory Quantifier; am trained in Life Cycle Assessment; and hold Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Waterloo.  I am also a trained leader in personal and organizational transformation.

I believe I can contribute strategically to the growth and direction of SolarShare on multiple levels by drawing on my strengths as a business leader in the field of environmental sustainability, and on my diverse and successful career background in early-stage and mature companies.  I support the philosophy of SolarShare's modus operandi including its organizational structure and operating principles. In my view, solar energy and the co-operative/community utility model are instrumental in building a sustainable society.