• Solar Bonds Unaffected By Stock Market Turmoil

    Apr 10, 2020

    Around the world, financial markets have experienced a significant decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many economies, including Canada’s, are likely to enter into recession later this year as a result. Please see this great article in Corporate Knights magazine by Tim Nash, the Sustai... Read More

  • Buy Your New Solar Bond Now!

    Apr 10, 2020

    Our new Solar Bonds are now on sale and feature a 5-year term and a 4% annual interest rate! They will be used to refinance maturing Solar Bonds and purchase operating Feed-In Tariff solar projects in Ontario.  We continue to welcome your investments in Solar Bonds an... Read More

  • Solar Panel Recycling

    Oct 01, 2019

    At some point in the future, a solar panel will become less efficient and unable to produce energy at the same rate as it once could. What happens then? Read the infographic below and learn how solar panels can be recycled to ensure that their parts are kept out of the landfill. This infographic wa... Read More

  • Action Needed: The Future of Solar Bonds

    Feb 26, 2019

    The Ontario Government is proposing legislative changes that will affect your ability to invest in SolarShare and other co-operatives. The Ontario government is dissolving the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), the regulatory agency for co-ops like SolarShare who issue securities... Read More

  • Solar Bonds are sold out!

    Jan 18, 2019

    We are pleased to announce that we have temporarily sold out of Solar Bonds! SolarShare has raised $39 million from more than 1,600 community members over the last nine years. These funds have been directly invested in 49 solar projects, making the electricity Ontarians use each day more sustainable... Read More

  • SolarShare's Response to Bill 34. legislation to cancel the Green Energy Act

    Sep 20, 2018

    The move to cancel the Green Energy Act by the Ontario Government is a step backwards for the province in terms of avoiding climate change, supporting our communities and economic prosperity. The FIT program had essentially wound down because the final round of contracts were awarded in 2017 and ... Read More

  • Why industrial zones may be more eco-friendly than you think

    Aug 16, 2018

    Written by Alice Clark, Freelance Sustainability Writer Take any of the major routes out of Toronto, and you’ll quickly be thrust out of the downtown core of glass-plated high rises. Soon enough, the views flatten out into a checkerboard of suburban dwellings and industrial buildings. ... Read More

  • Government of Ontario's decision to cancel renewable energy projects

    Jul 16, 2018

    On Friday, July 13 the Government of Ontario published a press release outlining the government’s cancellation of 758 renewable energy contracts with a total value of $790 million.   In our opinion, this action by the Ontario Government is misguided, politically motivated and will not res... Read More

  • How do Solar Bonds compare with other investment options?

    May 22, 2018

    The following is a guest blog from Jordan Lavin of ratehub.ca How you invest your money is a very personal choice. Your investment choices might be based on your financial needs, your belief in a certain business, project or cause, your willingness to pay fees, or your tolerance to risk. Likely, al... Read More

  • How is Cap & Trade Funding a Green Ontario?

    Apr 04, 2018

    Governments can play a powerful role in the fight against climate change. They have many tools that allow them to discourage environmentally harmful economic activities and incentivize activities that are good for the planet. The Ontario government has taken a leadership role in providing solutions ... Read More