• Accelerate: Success! 35 Solar Project Applications

    Jan 23, 2013

    After months of hard work, the SolarShare team is bleary-eyed but very happy to annouce that the Accelerate! campaign was a great success. Over 100 new members in Peel and York joined our co-op to make new projects in those regions possible.  "The SolarShare team and our developer partners hav... Read More

  • An Excellent Match: New Partnership with Bullfrog Power

    Jan 22, 2013

    SolarShare is delighted to announce our partnership with Bullfrog Power, Canada's 100 per cent green energy provider. Bullfrog will provide project financing for the construction of new SolarShare installations in Ontario, projects that any resident in the province can invest in once they are opera... Read More

  • Approved to Sell More Bonds!

    Nov 20, 2012

    Regulatory Approval a Win for RE Co-ops  The waiting is over! The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has officially receipted the SolarShare offering statement.  After a long process and more than a year of hard work, the Co-op is now approved to accept larger 5-year bo... Read More

  • Youngest SolarShare Member

    Aug 30, 2012

    When dad runs a solar company, it's never too soon to try solar on for size. Especially if it's size Teensy and comes with a tutu.  Emma Knapp became a SolarShare member at age 1 week when her father, Andy Knapp of Moose Power (a developer partner of SolarShare) decided to buy a bond in her na... Read More

  • New SolarShare Project - Modules and Inverters Now Installed

    Aug 27, 2012

    BEFORE AFTER Located in St. Catherine's, Ontario, construction on this new SolarShare project is well under way. A previously unused commercial rooftop on Ontario Street is now covered with this beautiful solar installation and will soon provide clean electricity for the good people of St. Cat... Read More

  • FIT 2.0 a Win for Community Power, Much Work and Opportunity Ahead

    Aug 22, 2012

    The long awaited revised Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program rules (known as FIT 2.0) were finally released on August 10th. While SolarShare is pleased with the new concessions for community power co-ops like ours, there are also new criteria to comply with which pose new challenges. We'll need the help of... Read More

  • SolarShare joins others in Ontario for community green energy

    Jul 31, 2012

    Debates over land-use, energy prices and the effectives of renewable energy have been a challenge for Ontario’s Green Energy Act and Feed-in-Tariff program. With these struggles at the forefront of green energy news, an innovation developed by Ontario citizens to engage more communities in r... Read More

  • Community Bonds – A Primer

    Jul 20, 2012

    Posted by Earth & Money 17 July 2012  Is it possible to invest in a sustainable and ethical fashion that promotes environmental health and a better world without resorting to mutual funds, or some other packaged investment? With the advent of community bonds, it is. What are Community Bo... Read More

  • Another Successful Milestone

    Jun 25, 2012

      Over fifty members joined the board of directors for important business updates, exciting project announcements, and an entertaining social gathering at the first SolarShare Annual General Meeting. A few messages were unanimous from the presenters – that we are unique, we are proud, and... Read More

  • Faith Communities Going Solar

    Jun 12, 2012

    SolarShare was invited to the Solar Open house at Agricola Lutheran Church last week and we were inspired by the multi-faith organizations present and their commitment to address climate change. We helped answer some of the flurry of questions from groups hoping to develop their own solar projects... Read More