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FIT 2.0 a Win for Community Power, Much Work and Opportunity Ahead

Aug 22, 2012

The long awaited revised Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program rules (known as FIT 2.0) were finally released on August 10th. While SolarShare is pleased with the new concessions for community power co-ops like ours, there are also new criteria to comply with which pose new challenges. We'll need the help of our members to address some of these, as articulated below. Under FIT 2.0, SolarShare is exploring a new portfolio of projects that have been presented by third parties. The SolarShare team is in the midst of assessing which projects are good candidates to pursue and if it all goes to plan, we hope to submit applications for up to 5 MW of new projects in the first FIT application window which opens on October 1st. Watch this space for updates as we narrow in on the best projects.

New Rules Require Local Support

One of the main considerations for co-operatively owned projects under FIT 2.0 is the requirement of local property owners as members in the co-op. To that end, in order to have the very highest chances of success in being awarded a FIT contract, any projects we pursue will require at least 50 property owners in that municipality as SolarShare members.

We are asking our existing members to help us meet this requirement by letting us know who is a property owner and if they live in a municipality where SolarShare plans to build a project, agreeing to complete a signed and sworn document attesting that. We acknowledge that the process is less than ideal and we argued strongly in favour of "residents" rather than "property owners" as the legitimate members of a community and co-op, but we were unsucessful. 

We will be contacting many of you in the coming weeks to ask you about property ownership and in some cases, to request your assistance in completing a form. Feel free to contact our team to provide this informtation and to ask questions: [email protected]