Our 4% 5-year bonds are on sale now!

Approved to Sell More Bonds!

Nov 20, 2012

Regulatory Approval a Win for RE Co-ops 

The waiting is over! The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has officially receipted the SolarShare offering statement. 

After a long process and more than a year of hard work, the Co-op is now approved to accept larger 5-year bond investments up to $25,000 per individual. The Solar Bond terms are the same - a competitive 5% per year return for a 5-year term. Visit the Investment Portal to invest now. 

Eligiblity for RRSPs is moving forward but there are a few more hurdles to cross. Once an independant evaluation of SolarShare mortgages that secure your bonds is complete and we have received a legal opion based on that evaluation, a self-directed RRSP account can be opened through Concentra Credit Union via the Canadian Workers Co-op Federation (CWCF). You are also welcome to take that legal opinion to your own wealth management representative and request an account through other channels. 

We look forward to converting more of your investments into clean solar energy for Ontario. This is a major milestone for SolarShare and the community power sector as a whole.  

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