Note: investment applications received in June will be processed in July as we focus on interest payments and the AGM.

Accelerate: Success! 35 Solar Project Applications

Jan 23, 2013

After months of hard work, the SolarShare team is bleary-eyed but very happy to annouce that the Accelerate! campaign was a great success. Over 100 new members in Peel and York joined our co-op to make new projects in those regions possible. 

"The SolarShare team and our developer partners have all worked their hearts out and are to be commended," remarked SolarShare President Mike Brigham. "Although we're exhausted, we're also very pleased with the results, 35 project applications totalling almost 10 megawatts or more than $40 million in potential projects. Are we guaranteed FIT contract offers as a result? No, nobody is, but the vast majority of our projects are very high scoring applications and we are hopeful."

 Those members who signed Statutory Declarations will be major contributors to securing those contracts. Thank you so much to all of those members who warmly welcomed us into your homes and provided these. SolarShare staff Matt and Julie were delighted to meet you, your children, dogs and cats - even chickens (did you know Brampton allows 2 backyard chickens per household?) Some members had solar powered homes or barns and others had solar powered Christmas lights, but from Mississauga to Georgina, one thing was clear; our members are passionate about supporting solar for their communities.   

Results will be in over the next few months. Stay tuned and cross your fingers! 

Photo: Staff Matt Zipchen and James Law assembling FIT applications for the Ontario Power Authority. Tree-planting this summer anyone?