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CAPE Invests $10,000 in Solar Bonds

Nov 08, 2013


The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) was instrumental in the recent phase-out of coal in Ontario and is working hard toward the same goal in the rest of Canada. CAPE also fights tirelessly in support of renewable energy, largely on the platform that traditional sources of power generation have dire consequences on human health.

As one of the pioneering investors in SolarShare bonds, CAPE has contributed to our success in building new clean solar power projects for the grid. Gideon Forman, Executive Director explained that some CAPE investments had recently matured and were only earning 1.7% with a credit union. They have now invested another $10,000 toward our projects. "The executive team is delighted to put more money in [to SolarShare]. It's a win win, it's renewable energy, it's what we're all about."

SolarShare extends sincere thanks for CAPE's hard work in the industry and investment in our projects.