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Can Santa Land on My Solar Panels?

Dec 19, 2013

It's the question on everyone's mind. 

Lucie Normington, one of our youngest SolarShare members is curious to know exactly how Santa, in all his jolliness can land with a giant sleigh and nine reindeer on a house with solar panels. We are all for green energy, but should the children suffer? 

The average reindeer weighs about 100kg (multiply by nine). If Santa has kept up with his usual shortbread intake, add another 95kg. With a heavy sleigh full of toys at an approximate 400kg, by our calculations that's a total of 1.4 tonnes, all landing with a bound on our rooftops, some with some very pricey (though increasingly cheaper!) solar PV technology.

To get to the bottom of this, we reached Santa Clause at his home in the North Pole while he mopped up the melting ice around the reindeer barn. "These melting ice caps are a real problem," he grumbled. "Climate change is causing my arctic home to melt sooner in spring and freeze later in the winter. It's wreaking havoc up here for the elf community and frankly, I worry I'm at fault just as much as anyone." When pressed further, Santa implied that he's had his part to play in human mass consumerism. 

He encouraged parents to consider environmentally responsible gifts and using recycled and reused gift wrap. When asked about green energy, he exclaimed, "Solar panels are the future! Of course I can land on solar panels, my enchanted sleigh and magical reindeer could land on a sheet of glass and not make a scratch! I can't wait for the day when every home in the world is covered in solar panels and wind turbines."

Kids, you can rest easy on Christmas Eve this year, knowing that as long as the arctic stays frozen, Santa will continue to visit our rooftops, solar panels and all!