Do Women Actually Lead The Way On Solar?

Feb 21, 2014

In a tech industry dominated by men, one would think that men are the ones making the decision to go solar. Right? Not quite. Recent findings show it may be just the opposite.

Two American women in the solar industry, Raina Russo 
and Glenna Wiseman conducted a survey to find out whether men or women initiated the decision to put solar panels on their roofs. They found that about 63% of women surveyed said that if they’d had the discussion about going solar, they were the ones who initiated it (in couples of the opposite sex). Read more about the five stages of buying solar identified in the survey first published in Cleantechnica

How does SolarShare investment measure up between the sexes? Of our members who reported their gender, 50.1% are male and 49.9% are female, a close match. But when you look at the amount of investment in SolarShare bonds, women have invested more than men. 52.6% of SolarShare investment comes from women, and men have invested 47.4%, suggesting a correlation to the study. Featured above L-R, SolarShare investors Michelle Courtemanche, Kristen Corbet, Jane Story, Tamara Brownstone. 

Read about the original study on Cleantechnica.