New solar facility in London means new green jobs

Mar 20, 2014

The recent opening of the new Canadian Solar Inc. manufacturing facility in London, Ontario means at least 200 new green jobs. The new facility is one of the four facilities created by Samsung Renewable Energy Inc under the Ontario government’s Green Energy Investment Agreement (GEIA).

Image Above: The Londoner Rick Williams (left), general manager of Canadian Solar (Guelph and London), explains his company’s solar panel technology to London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews and Ontario Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli at the grand opening of the Canadian Solar Inc. manufacturing facility in London, Ont. March 6, 2014. CHRIS MONTANINI\LONDONER\QMI AGENCY

  • On a local scale, the new manufacturing plant will create 200 local jobs in London.  The solar PV modules and medium voltage power stations produced by the plant will be used to supply current and future Samsung solar projects within the GEIA in Ontario.
  • On a larger scale, Samsung’s GEIA projects (including this one) will contribute to the generation of 9,000 renewable energy jobs across the province – creating hundreds of manufacturing jobs, and thousands of engineering, procurement and construction jobs.
  • The projects under GEIA will also allow Samsung to produce 300 MW of solar power (part of the 1,369 MW of renewable energy) that will contribute towards the province’s effort in phasing out coal-fired generation by the end of 2014.
  • The Samsung project will become the largest cluster of solar and wind power in the world.

The new facility and the solar projects that it supports will be an important contribution towards renewable energy generation and the growth of green jobs and businesses within Ontario.

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