New Solar Projects Move Ahead! FIT 2.0 Update

May 09, 2014
SolarShare has received a Notice to Proceed (NTP) from the Ontario Power Authority for six of our twelve new solar projects. NTP is a critical step in moving forward with our FIT 2.0 porftolio. In terms of size, these six installations account for 70% of our new projects. We applied for these contracts last January in the regions of Peel, York, and Toronto and they are now entering the construction phase. We expect them all to reach NTP before the Ontario election so that our FIT contracts become binding before a new government is formed. We will let you know as they all reach completion. Once they're built they'll be open for investment. (Please note all bonds are invested in already-built projects with binding FIT contracts, and no changes after the provincial election will alter your investment).