Well-known Canadian Foundation invests $100,000 in SolarShare

May 15, 2014

SolarShare is one step closer to achieving its investment and social goals after a recent investment from one of Canada's well-known foundations. The Catherine Donnelly Foundation invested $100,000 in SolarShare bonds, a significant contribution to financing community solar projects across the province. 

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation, established in 2003, supports projects designed to promote adult education, to address homelessness and to protect the environment.

Since 2010, the Foundation has awarded $1 million each over five years to two major environmental programs, and a program to end youth homelessness. It is now setting its sights on the creation of a nation-wide network of adult educators.

This is its first impact investment.

We asked Jason Dudek, Board Director and Treasurer for the Foundation why
the Foundation decided to invest in community solar.

"The Foundation believes businesses which benefit the community and/or the environment, have laid the groundwork for their own lasting success. We seek integrity of return wherein the investments produce a return if and only if their activities generate a desired social/environmental impact.

The SolarShare bonds are an appealing investment that comfortably aligns with the Foundation's environmental focus and its expectations."

SolarShare thanks the Catherine Donnelly Foundation for their contribution and looks forward to their participation. 
Above image: Jason Dudek, Board Director and Treasurer at the Catherine Donnelly Foundation