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5 Amazing Facts About Brampton Project!

Jul 07, 2014

Construction is now well under way on SolarShare's biggest project yet. "Holtby" is our newest installation under development on a mixed use commercial building on Holtby Ave in Brampton. 

1. First in Brampton! This is the first co-op owned solar project in Brampton. Holtby will soon bring the benefits of community solar to this rapidly growing city. 

2. It's the biggest. Currently our largest project is 438 kW in Mississauga. This Brampton project will have a total capacity of 600 kW. 

3. Powers 60 homes. Holtby will soon produce enough clean electricity to power over 60 Ontario homes. That's good news for the grid, the air quality, and for investors. 

4. 493,184 lbs of coal. That's the amount of coal that would have been burned to produce the same amount of electricity this project will produce - in just its first year!

5. 13 members. SolarShare currently has 13 co-op members who live in Brampton, and hopes this project will inspire many more! 

Once it's up and running (expected this fall), Holtby will be added to the portfolio of projects you can help finance by purchasing Solar Bonds. You can already invest in SolarShare's operational project portfolio by signing up as a member and investor here >>