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Co-operation Across Ontario

Oct 30, 2014

Co-ops serve their members most effectively by working together and with other community organizations. Committed to this co-operative principle, SolarShare recently partnered with Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-op and ecoPerth, two groups interested in spreading the benefits of community solar to their regions. 

Wintergreen was formed in 2012 to promote and develop green energy projects in the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington regions. Earlier this year, Wintergreen and SolarShare each had a problem. Wintergreen needed capital to finance projects, and SolarShare needed more members. So, when Wintergreen identified three solar projects in the Kingston area, a number of Wintergreen members joined SolarShare, which will allow SolarShare to finance and own projects in the region. So far, one of the projects has received a conditional contract from the Ontario Power Authority, and could be built in the spring. With some financial support from SolarShare, Wintergreen continues to provide outreach and education to the public about renewable energy and promote Solar Bonds to their members. 

EcoPerth is a not-for-profit based in the Perth area, active in the local food movement, renewable energy, conservation, and more. The organization was eager to get involved in community solar projects, and SolarShare was delighted to have their help. EcoPerth will seek out project sites in the region of Perth, and encourage their members in invest in Solar Bonds. SolarShare hopes to spread green energy awareness in more communities across the province by supporting organizations like ecoPerth. 

Thank you to the teams at Wintergreen and ecoPerth for making such a valuable contribution to community solar. Together, they have raised $337,000 in Solar Bonds!

Gathering of renewable energy co-ops at Wintergreen Studios, 2013