Solar Bonds are back on Sale!

New Solar Bond launch!

Nov 21, 2014

SolarShare is delighted to announce that our third Offering Statement has been approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and we're now taking new investments for the next six months or until we're fully subscribed. This means more clean energy for Ontario, more members engaged, and more returns for our investors. Solar Bonds continue to offer the same attractive terms: 

•     5 year bond, minimum $1,000 investments
•     5% annual interest

What's changed since the last bond offering? The maturity dates on the bonds will now be fixed, which means all bonds will mature on the same date, Oct 30, 2019. Your interest will be pro-rated from the day you purchase your bond. 

For information on how to invest through an RRSP, click here.

With 25 operational projects and more being built everyday, SolarShare is now scaling up significantly and we need your support. This is a six-month bond offering, so make your mark while you can and vote for solar power with your investment dollars!

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