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My RRSP Finally Has Impact

Jan 16, 2015

Personal prosperity and climate goals can go hand-in-hand 

Despite having led a socially conscious career as a energy and environment consultant, Kai Millyard didn’t always think of his financial investments as tied to his activism. “The management of our retirement portfolio was until recently something that had been left to investors and experts. But over the years I’d grown less comfortable with this idea,” he says.

Millyard, who has a thirty-year track record of environmental activism, has since taken control of his investments. He has divested his money from fossil fuels and reinvested in SolarShare bonds. “The financial industry hasn’t been very good at coming up with ethical investments for people, but that’s changing,” he says. “Social impact investing is growing, and it’s obvious that more people aren’t comfortable with their money in fossil fuels and destructive investments. People don’t want to turn a blind eye to where their money is working while waiting for retirement.”

For Millyard, the idea that personal prosperity and social well-being can’t go hand-in-hand is old fashioned. “There’s more awareness now that green investments are financially lucrative” he says. For him, the benefits of investing with SolarShare are clear: “It’s a very straightforward investment: It’s a fixed yield investment at five per cent. It’s a secured bond that’s backed by a 20-year contract. Even before SolarShare was RRSP eligible we were asking about it,” he says. “We’re going to sleep better at night knowing we’re taking money out of other things and putting it into community-owned solar energy. Now that SolarShare is RRSP eligible, I recommend solar bonds to family and friends all the time.”