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Community Bonds in Three Ways

Feb 02, 2015

Many of our members are hungry for impact investing opportunities and call us lamenting that "there's nothing else out there!"

Think again. 

We're delighted to announce that we've collaborated with ZooShare, the Centre for Social Innovation, and the Sustainable Economist to demonstrate three great ways for ethical investors to add impact to their portfolios. All three organizations are currently offering community bonds that give investors a strong rate of return in addition to making the world a better place.  

Click on the below fact sheet to get the scoop on all three community bond opportunities: 

What is a community bond? 

The community bond is a debt based instrument that can only be offered by nonprofits or co-operatives. An investor agrees to ‘loan’ the money to the nonprofit and the nonprofit issues a promise to pay via a bond and trust agreement. Regular interest payments are then paid to the bondholder. High net worth philanthropists and institutions have had more access to impact investing opportunities in the past, but community bonds are available to anyone. 

SolarShare, ZooShare and CSI are just three examples of organizations offering community bonds to their network of supporters. Learn about the difference between their offerings to determine which impact investment is right for you. Read the fact sheet >>