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Snow, sleet, solar!

Feb 06, 2015

How did solar installers Dwight and Joseph from Kingston, Jamaica end up on the rooftop of a SolarShare project in a snow storm?  

Through an international exchange program at St Lawrence College in Kingston (Ontario, that is) Dwight and Joseph are studying solar engineering with professor Steve Lapp. As a long time renewable energy advocate and tech nerd, Steve is a good friend of our president Mike Brigham.  Mike couldn't resist showing off showing off our 300 kW Basaltic project to the visiting group. As they arrived, workers from our development partner Solera were just finishing wiring in screen inverters. 

SolarShare project development continues even through the winter conditions so there was a lot for the group to take in. Four new projects are very close to commercial operation and another six will begin construction in the spring.