Solar Bonds are back on Sale!

5 Things You Should Know About the Team Who Pays You

Feb 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered how Solar Bond interest magically appears in your bank account? Meet TREC Services, the team that manages your payments, tax forms, and bond certificates, the unsung heroes that take Toronto Hydro statements and turn them into cash for you! 

Thought accounting was boring? Look how much fun we are! L-R: Greg Goubko, Peter Tseng, Mary Warner, James Law

 1.  TREC is growing! Learning from their success with SolarShare, the services team now manages the back office of community bonds offered by the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), ZooShare Biogas Co-operative, and Green Timiskiming Co-operative.  

 2.  We're crunching numbers - Mary Warner, Office Manager, keeps the books for an astounding 8 different co-ops, a partnership, and a charity! When she's not crunching numbers at TREC, she's busy raising Emmylou, a toddler named after the song by First Aid Kit about Emmylou Harris, or walking Sprinkles the English Bulldog. 

 3.  Innovative software development - TREC Services Manager James Law led an initiative to meet the back office needs of a growing social finance sector, resulting in the development of our Community Power Investment Management (CPIM) system. It's a first in the non-profit industry!

 4.  Service with a smile - A solar project isn’t running? Greg to the rescue! Greg Goubko and Peter Tseng (who can help you in Mandarin!) handle member management and customer service, operations and maintenance of SolarShare projects, accounts payable and receivable, data management, and more.

 5.  Synchronicity - The TREC Services team is a well-oiled machine that never misses a beat. Don't ask them to agree on what video game is the best, but they're so in tune with each other, they all showed up in plaid on the same day!

The progress made by TREC Services is a good sign for the future of community power and social finance. We've found that by sharing expertise and overhead costs, co-ops and non-profits can stay more secure and keep costs lower, benefitting all members. Go TREC!