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Reflection from a Board Member

Apr 09, 2015

On June 18 at the next Annual General Meeting, SolarShare members will elect three new directors to the board. One of our current directors, Jeff Harti, had a valuable experience serving his term and offers hopeful words and encouragement for other members to consider taking his place:  

Fellow members,
After serving my three year term on the SolarShare Board of Directors I have decided not to run for re-election. The reason for my stepping aside is not because I have not enjoyed the experience or because I am not passionate about our co-operative, but in fact the opposite. 

I am very excited about the growth and development of our co-op and I believe that SolarShare’s future is bright (pun intended). I feel that SolarShare is only as strong as its membership and that providing more members with opportunities to actively participate in the growth and development of our co-op is crucial. I hope you will put your name forward and help to lead SolarShare into the future.

I found serving on the SolarShare Board to be an amazing opportunity for learning and personal growth and I believe that you will as well. The experience of directing a multi-million dollar organization is also invaluable in terms of professional development no matter what your day job is.

The June 18th AGM is quickly approaching and I would encourage any member (or those still considering becoming members) to run for election to the Board. Our members possess a great diversity of lived experience and skills and we need that diversity to be reflected on our Board. So whether you feel that you fit the traditional image of a Director or not, please consider volunteering your time and passion to help move our co-op forward.

Thank you!

Jeff Harti, Director

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