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Keep Educating Kids About Renewables: TREC Education Donation Match Campaign

Dec 03, 2015

We’ve all heard the bad news: Today’s youth are inheriting a world that is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, plus they are facing the complexities of climate change. But, there are many reasons to be positive! Emerging sources of renewable energy are continually coming to the forefront, and according to the International Energy Agency, over the next five years, renewable energy will be the largest source of growth in the electricity sector.

There lies an opportunity to accelerate the growth of renewable energy by getting our kids involved. It’s crucial to provide them with an understanding of clean and safe sources of energy. One such organization is doing just that.

TREC Education provides entertaining and educational renewable energy programs for kids of all ages, run by experts in the field. Their workshops are hands-on; kids get to actually build model wind turbines and solar energy systems or construct a “stomach” that will digest organic waste to create energy.  

At SolarShare’s Green Energy Doors Open event which took place at one of our newest solar installations this past Fall, TREC Educators joined us to show families how solar panels and wind turbines work using toys, games, and quizzes. 

With your help, TREC Education can educate 2000 school kids this year alone through their science energy workshops. Doing so will help foster green energy leaders who will pave the way for a bright future. Plus, as the sector grows, our kids will be ready to take on the job opportunities that arise 

SolarShare has grown to more than 1000 members in Ontario in just 5 years, showing the increasing amount of support for community solar energy. But, without solar energy and renewable energy education, it is difficult to reach those that may not be informed. 

Learning about the science of energy should be simple and fun! TREC Education makes this possible, but they need your support to continue the important work they do.

Please give today

Thanks to a special donor, your gift will be doubled! All donations received before December 31, 2015, will be matched up to $10,000. 

Special thanks to M.H. Brigham Foundation for pledging $10,000.

Have questions? Prefer to donate over the phone? Please contact Kelly Park, Communications Manager, directly at 416-583-2233 or [email protected]