Solar Bonds are back on Sale!

And the Winner of the $1000 Solar Bond is.....

Jan 07, 2016

From August through December 2015, we ran a draw for a $1000 Solar Bond at events across Ontario (such as in Sarnia, Mississauga, and Scarborough). We set up the draw for a couple of reasons (besides being able to make someone very happy!). The draw allowed individuals who believe in SolarShare and community power the opportunity to be involved even if they are not able to afford a $1000 Solar Bond right now. It also gave us the opportunity to more easily discuss what we do at SolarShare with the public. Often when individuals see us at events, they assume we are selling residential solar systems. The Solar Bond draw caught people’s eye and we were able to talk about why we are so passionate about the work that we do at SolarShare. 

We now have more than 1000 members and have raised over $14 million dollars in Solar Bonds to finance our 34 projects (and counting) across the province that are already providing clean electricity to the grid. 

Over 4 months and 12 events, we had an incredible 466 people chat with us and enter the draw! From those entries, we drew the ballot of one lucky WINNER:

Eldo Baumeister, from Toronto, won the $1000 Solar Bond! Eldo shared that she is a goldsmith and designer with a summer business in Parry Sound. She shares mutual interests in architecture, design, and electricity with her late father, who was an electrical engineer. 

Eldo has friends who are living off-grid in Parry Sound, and although at 65 she said this would be a tough feat for her to achieve year round, she is interested in someday having a summer shack that is self-sufficient. She loves the Georgian Bay area and says that she has a strong attachment to the landscape and lifestyle.

When asked what a Solar Bond investment means to her, she shared that before meeting SolarShare at the EcoFair at Artscape Wychwood Barns in November, she was not aware that Solar Bonds existed. Eldo's interest has been piqued and she is now educating herself about investments that can have a positive environmental impact.

From all of us at SolarShare, Eldo, welcome to the Co-op!