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12 New SolarShare Systems for 2016/2017

May 09, 2016

savannah trackers

Photo of Savanna Trackers courtesy of Morgan Solar

Further securing our spot as Canada’s largest renewable energy co-operative, we’ve committed to developing another 12 solar PV projects in Ontario in 2016 and 2017! These systems will add another 6.5 megawatts of clean energy into the grid, and allow many more Ontarians the opportunity to invest in something good for the planet. Here are the details:


8 ground-mount facilities will be built in the northern district of Timiskaming, each capable of producing 600 kilowatts of power. The Feed-in-Tariff contracts for these systems were won by Green Timiskaming Development Co-operative, who will amalgamate into SolarShare. We’re pleased to welcome over 50 new northern Ontario members to the co-op!


2 ground-mount facilities will be constructed, one on Abbey Dawn Road, and one on Unity Road, each capable of producing 600 kilowatts of power.

The aforementioned 10 ground-mounted facilities will be built on land to be leased from the property owners for 20 years, and will utilize new advanced dual-axis solar tracking technology (pictured above).


One 300 kilowatt facility will be built on the rooftop of a community arena in the Earlton community of Armstrong Township in the Timiskaming District.

For all 11 of these systems, Endura Energy has been developing and engineering these projects for the past 3 years in partnership with Soventix Canada (SCI) and Endura energy Developments Inc. (EEDI), a majority-owned subsidiary of SCI.


One 500 kilowatt system will be built on the roof of the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex – a great way to utilize a community space. This project will be developed with Solera Sustainable Energies and will be purchased by SolarShare upon completion.

SolarShare will fully finance the construction of all of these systems, which represents a build of over $27.5 million. Once the systems are connected to the Ontario grid, SolarShare will refinance them by selling solar bonds at 5-year and 15-year terms to the Ontario public. The addition of these systems to SolarShare’s portfolio will essentially double the co-op’s electricity output.