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March 7, 2020
Green Majority Radio, Achieving Victory & Green Investing

September 26, 2019
The Globe & Mail, Why interest in 'impact investing' is taking hold

January 14, 2019
The Medium, It's Time for Canadians to Divest from Fossil Fuels

June 27, 2018
Green Energy Futures, SolarShare Co-operative Reaches $60 million in projects

December 14, 2017
Krystal Nation on Sirius XM Radio, Jason Pereira Impact Investing & SolarShare

December 14, 2017
Krystal Nation on Sirius XM Radio, Interview with SolarShare President Mike Brigham, Part 1 & Part 2

October 17, 2017, The Future of Impact Investing

July 19, 2017, What Millennial Investors Want: Convenience, Control and A Conscience

June 19, 2017, SolarShare's Kingston project combines biodiversity with technology

June 5, 2017, New Abbey Dawn Solar Project already feeding the grid

May 5, 2017
Green Majority on CIUT, Sunshine Spills

April 25, 2017
Moolala on Sirius XMSustainable Investing: good for your feelings, but what about your finances?

April 17, 2017
Investment Executive, Responsible investors key to global sustainable development

March 17, 2017
Globe & Mail, Confused by ethical investing? Here's a primer

January 11, 2017
Corporate Knights, Canadian Investor Profiles; Alternative investment options for Canadians in the cleantech space

November 14, 2016, SolarShare panels up and running at Stronach Aurora Sports Complex

September 27, 2016
Toronto Star, How the sun can heat up your bank account

August 11, 2016, Green Timiskaming and SolarShare Turn Marginal Land Into Power

Mar 31, 2016
Globe & Mail, Impact investing's not inefficient; your money's working double duty  

Mar 15, 2016
Postmedia News, It's never been easier to be green 

Mar 1, 2016
CBC, Solar on the Roof Taxed as Income

Feb 18, 2016
Globe & Mail, Investing Strategies of the Wealthy Available to the Rest of Us

Jan 13, 2016
Globe & Mail, Alberta solar co-operative to offer shares
December 7, 2015
Huffington Post, Renewable Energy Jobs Are On The Rise
November 2, 2015
Toronto Star, Dropping oil and investing green
October 6, 2015
Sustainable Business Magazine, Solar For All
September, 2015
GTA Co-op Network, Campaigning for SolarShare - Building Community Support

September 29, 2015, Who Uses Renewable Energy in Ontario? One Day...All Of Us!
September 9, 2015
Skoll World Forum, Leveraging Locals To Turn Poo Into Power

August 13, 2015, Solar Company Seeks Local Investors
July 26, 2015, Sarnians offered chance to own a piece of the solar pie
June 8, 2015, SolarShare Launches A 15-Year Bond

June 5, 2015
Globe & Mail, Impact investing: How to unlock private money for the public good

May 27, 2015
Corporate Knights, Mostly sunny with a chance of showers

April, 2015
The Canadian Co-operator, SolarShare grows solar energy sector the co-op way

May 13, 2015
New Canadian Media, How New Canadians Can Become Involved in Socially Responsible Investment

April 7, 2015
Skoll World Forum, Bringing Solar to Scale through Solar Bonds

February 5, 2015
NOW Magazine, Impact Investing: The greener guide to RRSPs

January 28, 2015, My RRSP Finally Has Climate Impact

January 27, 2015, Tapping the social side of finance

January 27, 2015
The Bulletin, With RRSP deadlines looming, it's time to think twice about where your money's going

January 22, 2015
St Catharines Standard, Shares for sale in solar co-op

December 28, 2014
Globe & Mail, Income investing: A bond market that's seeing explosive growth

December 22, 2014
Financial Post, How a community bond turns social capital into financial capital

December 19, 2014
[Radio] CBC Metro Morning, Divesting Oil with Jill Dempsy

September 19, 2014
Green Chips Stocks, Investing in Solar Bonds with SolarShare

September 19, 2014
Brampton Guardian, Brampton solar installation, a shining example of renewable technology

September 14, 2014
Globe & Mail, SolarShare grows as ‘green bonds’ heat up

July/ Aug, 2014
ReNew Canada, Tackle Climate Change with Green Bonds

July 22, 2014
Toronto Star, Big Ideas: Solar Panels Already Appearing on City-Owned Buildings

June 19, 2014
Frontenac News, Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-op Partners with SolarShare

June 10, 2014, How to Invest in Solar

Apr 10, 2014
Money Talks, BNN's The Rise of Impact Investing (TV clip)

Apr 1, 2014
SEE Change Magazine, Impact Ontario 2014: Working at the margins but the mainstream is watching

Jan 29, 2014
Environmental Defence, Do Your Homework if you Want to Invest in a Socially Responsible Way

Jan 22, 2014
Corporate Knights, SolarShare Hits the Big Time

Nov 18, 2013
EQ International, Toronto's First Solar Co-Op Project Now Generating Clean, Climate-Friendly Energy

Nov 12, 2013
Energy and Metals, Retail Renewable Energy Bonds Proliferating

Nov 6, 2013
Etobicoke Guardian, Solar co-op project generating renewable energy on Etobicoke rooftop

October, 30, 2013
Yonge Street Media, Community Backed Solar Project Goes Online

September 24, 2013
Cisco The Network, Investing for Impact in Ontario

July 24, 2013
NOW Toronto, Turning Toward the Light

July 16, 2013
Toronto Atmospheric Fund, It's Sunshine Ahead

July 11, 2013
MaRS Social Finace, SolarShare Poised to Become Canada's Largest Solar Co-operative

July 10, 2013
Wind-Works, SolarShare Poised to be Largest Solar Co-operative in North America

June 24, 2013
MaRS Social Finance, How to Raise $2 Million to Finance Solar

May 24, 2013
Canadian Couch Potato, Bond Options for the Socially Responsible

May 24, 2013
Money Sense, Bond Options for the Socially Responsible

December 21, 2012
Toronto Star, Social Finance could play a role in funding clean energy

December 12, 2012
Clean Break, 'Green' Community Bonds gather momentum

October 1, 2012
Huffington Post, Solar Bonds are Heating Up the Investment Market

July 17, 2012
Earth and Money, Community Bonds - A Primer

May 4, 2012
Cleantechnica, Clean Energy Community Bonds

March 15, 2012
Toronto Atmospheric Fund, Turning Social Capital into Financial Capital

February 23, 2012, 
Corporate Knights, Community Bonds and the Rise of Local Power

February 16, 2012 
MaRS, Building a Better World through Co-operative Enterprise

January 19, 2012
Trendhunter, Community Solar Bonds

December 1, 2011
SOLutions, Community Power Groups: Impact Investing in the SolarShare Co-operative

October 17, 2011
Clean Energy Authority, Reviewing Solar Energy News

October 12, 2011                               
Clean Energy Authority, SolarShare Bonds in Ontario Proving 5% Returns

October 10, 2011
Clean Technica, SolarShare Bonds Let Citizens Make Money by Investing in Local Solar

September 28, 2011
Wind-Works, SolarShare on the Map - How Renewable Energy Can Become More Transparent

September 15, 2011
NOW Toronto, Dividend Power

September 8, 2011
Social Finance, Impact Investing Opportunity

August 31, 2011
APPrO, Largest PV installation in GTA is community-owned 

August 29, 2011
Yahoo Finance, SolarShare Co-operative

August 25, 2011
CEPP, SolarShare Co-operative

August 19, 2011
Clean Break, SolarShare begins offering community bonds to support several solar PV projects throughout Ontario

August 10, 2011
Energy Self-Reliant States, SolarShare Bonds Help Democratize Ontario’s Electricity System

August 5, 2011
PV Tech, United Solar completes 438kW rooftop PV system in Ontario

August 4, 2011
Wall Street Journal, UNI-SOLAR Powers One of the Largest Solar Roof Installations in Greater Toronto Area

August 4, 2011
Global Newswire, UNI-SOLAR(R) Powers One of the Largest Solar Roof Installations in Greater Toronto Area

August 1, 2011
The Toronto Star, New Avenue to Fund Social and Environmental Change

July 27, 2011
Le Métropolitain, Mississauga au zénith

July 25, 2011
OSEA, Ribbon Cut on GTA's Largest Rooftop Solar Project

July 12, 2011
Sun Challenge, SolarShare Community Solar Bonds

July 7, 2011
Mississauga News, Daimler Harnesses the Sun

Press Releases

January 14, 2014
SolarShare Raises $3 Million for Solar Energy

September 26, 2013
Solar-Powered Mushrooms

September 19, 2013
Small Co-op Pitches Big Investors at the TSX

July 9, 2013
SolarShare Poised to be Canada's Largest Renewable Energy Co-op

February 25, 2013
New Breed of Solar Power in Ontario - People Power

January 30, 2013
Local Investment in Caledon Solar

December 12, 2012
Bullfrog Power and SolarShare partner to bring more clean, renewable energy to the Ontario grid

August 8, 2011
SolarShare Community Solar Bonds

July 7, 2011
SolarShare Rooftop Project Ribbon-Cutting: Mississauga