• Does the Three Amigos Summit Signal a Carbon Club is Coming to NAFTA?

    Jul 08, 2016

    Image courtesy of the CBC  Climate change was a central issue to the discussion when North American leaders met for the ‘Three Amigos’ Summit in Ottawa last week. Prior to the summit, a report published by the Center for American Progress urged Canada, Mexico, and the United States “to streng... Read More

  • Four Innovative Uses of Solar Power

    Jul 08, 2016

    Image courtesy of www.solarroadways.com SolarShare focuses on the development of large-scale solar photo-voltaic (PV) installations – harnessing the sun’s energy to produce electricity which is fed into the grid. However, the means in which solar power can be deployed extend well beyon... Read More

  • Carbon Pricing is Good for Renewables

    Jun 01, 2016

    Image courtesy of www.carbonpricingleadership.org Carbon pricing is currently a hot issue in Canada. Ontario is on its way to implementing a cap and trade system, while Alberta is preparing a carbon tax. These two new carbon-pricing regimes will join those already in place in British Columbia ... Read More

  • Response: Rex Murphy on Ontario's Climate Change Plan

    May 31, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Benson Kua By Nicholas Shatalow, SolarShare Outreach Coordinator  As the Ontario government unveils its climate change plan, media outlets across the province continue to publish editorials, evaluating the plan and its implications. In perhaps the boldest take on the plan s... Read More

  • 12 New SolarShare Systems for 2016/2017

    May 09, 2016

    Photo of Savanna Trackers courtesy of Morgan Solar Further securing our spot as Canada’s largest renewable energy co-operative, we’ve committed to developing another 12 solar PV projects in Ontario in 2016 and 2017! These systems will add another 6.5 megawatts of clean energy into the g... Read More

  • Net Metering: What's All the Fuss About?

    Apr 06, 2016

    The term is being thrown around a lot lately so let’s clarify. For those of us interested in the future of renewables in our communities, net metering is kind of a big deal.  Net (energy) metering, simply stated, is allowing those who generate their own electricity via renewable source... Read More

  • A Northern Partnership

    Mar 10, 2016

    We're more than pleased to announce a potential new amalgamation with a co-operative in Timiskaming, Ontario. Green Timiskaming is a non-profit renewable energy co-op that aims to develop sustainable energy projects in the region, and to offer their members the opportunity to invest in them. ... Read More

  • Building Solar on Farmland in Ontario

    Mar 10, 2016

    Photo: One of SolarShare's Dual-Axis Trackers on Manitoulin Island We are strong supporters of protecting our farmland in Ontario. Groups like the Ontario Farmland Trust and the Greenbelt Foundation work incredibly hard to ensure that precious agricultural land in Ontario is preserved for growing ... Read More

  • 6 Organizations Increasing Public Engagement With Solar Energy

    Mar 01, 2016

    Photo Credit: Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy (ELSE) In order for solar energy to play a significant role in the renewable energy transition, Canadians need to be part of the conversation. Solar energy education is vital in order to garner public support for the technology, dispel myths, and t... Read More

  • Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative: Creating Solar Energy Projects in BC, Despite the Odds

    Feb 16, 2016

    For those that don’t know me, my name is Katie and I am the Outreach Coordinator for SolarShare. I started working for SolarShare in May 2015 and shortly after purchased a $1000 Solar Bond and became a proud SolarShare member. I was so thrilled to be able to invest where my values lie. Since I... Read More