• My RRSP Finally Has Impact #2

    Jan 29, 2015

    Rita Bijons has been planning for the future since she became a mother more than twenty years ago. While she thought her investments were socially responsible, it wasn’t until she retired that she really started paying attention to climate change. It was with this critical lens that she revi... Read More

  • My RRSP Finally Has Impact

    Jan 16, 2015

    Personal prosperity and climate goals can go hand-in-hand  Despite having led a socially conscious career as a energy and environment consultant, Kai Millyard didn’t always think of his financial investments as tied to his activism. “The management of our retirement portfolio was... Read More

  • New Solar Bond launch!

    Nov 21, 2014

    SolarShare is delighted to announce that our third Offering Statement has been approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and we're now taking new investments for the next six months or until we're fully subscribed. This means more clean energy for Ontario, more members engaged,... Read More

  • Co-operation Across Ontario

    Oct 30, 2014

    Co-ops serve their members most effectively by working together and with other community organizations. Committed to this co-operative principle, SolarShare recently partnered with Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-op and ecoPerth, two groups interested in spreading the benefits of community solar to ... Read More

  • What happened when this woman invested in her community

    Sep 23, 2014

    After 34 years living in Brampton, retired elementary school teacher Pauline Thornham never thought she'd be standing on a two million dollar solar project that she invested in, only 9 km from her house.  On the morning of Sept 17, 2014, Pauline and other local SolarShare members arrived at ... Read More

  • This little co-op just raised $5 million!

    Sep 12, 2014

    SolarShare is proud to announce that moments ago we hit the incredible milestone of $5 million raised in bonds, the most investment a renewable energy co-op has ever raised in Canada.  Thank you to all of our members who have invested over the past three years, demonstrating your commitment ... Read More

  • When Can I Put Solar Bonds in an RRSP?

    Sep 04, 2014

      Like many Canadians, do you invest exclusively through RRSPs? As you may know if you've been following our story, impact investing through a registered account has been a long and arduous path. Banks are set up to file investments within RRSPs using processes that exclude direct community b... Read More

  • Ontario Power Authority to Offer 500 Renewable Energy Contracts

    Aug 06, 2014

    The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) just announced they're ready to offer 500 renewable energy contracts that could result in enough renewable energy to power approximately 15,000 homes. The total list includes 490 solar projects, eight bio-energy projects, one wind energy project and one waterpower ... Read More

  • 5 Amazing Facts About Brampton Project!

    Jul 07, 2014

    Construction is now well under way on SolarShare's biggest project yet. "Holtby" is our newest installation under development on a mixed use commercial building on Holtby Ave in Brampton.  1. First in Brampton! This is the first co-op owned solar project in Brampton. Holtby will soon bri... Read More

  • Do Renewables Have Your Vote?

    May 30, 2014

    What could be smarter than getting our energy from sources that have no fuel costs, produce no pollution and can be accessed just about anywhere?  That is the beauty of renewable power and helps to explain why green energy is the fastest growing sector of the energy industry worldwide.   ... Read More