• New solar facility in London means new green jobs

    Mar 20, 2014

    The recent opening of the new Canadian Solar Inc. manufacturing facility in London, Ontario means at least 200 new green jobs. The new facility is one of the four facilities created by Samsung Renewable Energy Inc under the Ontario government’s Green Energy Investment Agreement (GEIA). ​ Imag... Read More

  • How to Green your RRSP / TFSAs

    Mar 06, 2014

    Timothy Nash is an economics professor at Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada. On his blog (The Sustainable Economist) this week, he wrote a short piece recommending three smart strategies for Canadians who are looking for a way to invest their RRSP rebate money.  Read the full story below (... Read More

  • Do Women Actually Lead The Way On Solar?

    Feb 21, 2014

    In a tech industry dominated by men, one would think that men are the ones making the decision to go solar. Right? Not quite. Recent findings show it may be just the opposite. Two American women in the solar industry, Raina Russo and Glenna Wiseman conducted a survey to find out whether m... Read More

  • Do your homework if you want to invest in a socially responsible way

    Feb 06, 2014

    Brad Cundiff is a senior partner at Green Living Communications. As a guest blogger for Environmental Defence this week, he wrote a personal piece reflecting his frustration with the typical "greenwashing" that goes on within the investment community.    Most of us searching hap... Read More

  • 5 Reasons Solar Won in 2013

    Jan 14, 2014

    Solar made a serious comeback in 2013 after two difficult years that saw slowed growth. Photovoltaic (PV) installations exceeded wind for the first time, and Bloomberg estimated that 36.7 gigawatts of solar were added globally last year.   Here are five reasons 2013 was solar’s year... Read More

  • $3 Million Raised in Solar Bonds!

    Jan 07, 2014

    SolarShare has achieved a lot of firsts in the past year. This week, SolarShare was the first in Canada to raise $3 million of investment for solar energy. It may seem like a drop in the bucket to a large-scale developer, but SolarShare has a rare distinction. We raised the money by offe... Read More

  • Can Santa Land on My Solar Panels?

    Dec 19, 2013

    It's the question on everyone's mind.  Lucie Normington, one of our youngest SolarShare members is curious to know exactly how Santa, in all his jolliness can land with a giant sleigh and nine reindeer on a house with solar panels. We are all for green energy, but should the children su... Read More

  • SunFunder Powering Off-Grid Communities

    Dec 12, 2013

    Crowdfunding Solar Over the next decade, solar energy will leapfrog the electricity grid in developing countries much like cell phones leapfrogged landlines. I was first bitten by the solar bug when the lights came on at night in an off-grid village where I volunteered in Northeast Cambodia. Famili... Read More

  • Re-Energizing Ontario - Watch the Panel Discussion

    Dec 05, 2013

    Ontario has laid out its long-term vision for energy growth and management in the province. TVO's the Agenda examines how the plan will keep the lights on.  Steve Paikin interviews a panel of experts, including Energy Mister Bob Chiarelli and TREC Renewable Energy Co-op Executive Director Judit... Read More

  • Industry says First Nations key partner in developing renewables

    Dec 02, 2013

    Ontario energy sector thought leaders gathered to discuss aboriginal perspectives on power at a panel session on Nov. 19, during the 25th annual Canadian Power Conference and Trade Show. Speakers on the panel had diverse backgrounds and roles within the energy sector, and spoke on a range of topi... Read More