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Youngest SolarShare Member

Aug 30, 2012

When dad runs a solar company, it's never too soon to try solar on for size. Especially if it's size Teensy and comes with a tutu. 

Emma Knapp became a SolarShare member at age 1 week when her father, Andy Knapp of Moose Power (a developer partner of SolarShare) decided to buy a bond in her name. 

When new babies come into this world they are often inundated with designer clothes, plastic toys, baby furniture and gifts with short life-spans. When a baby grows up so fast, it is hardly a sustainable practice to deck out their wardrobes before they are old enough to even appreciate them. Impact investing in their name is one way to show you care not only about the child, but about the future world the child will live in. When Emma's investment matures, she will be old enough to start understanding the environment and might just decide to re-invest! 

Good luck Emma, you're on the right track so far!

Emma Knapp, 30 August, 2012