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4 Signs Ontario is Transitioning to Clean Energy

Oct 23, 2013

Our transition to clean, safe energy production in Ontario may be happening slowly, but it's happening and we want to celebrate. Here are four recent advancements to get excited about:

1. Coal Shut Down

Today, Ontario is one step closer to being the first jurisdiction in North America to eliminate coal as a source of electricity. The province has marked the end of burning coal at the Lambton Generating Station, leaving one last operating coal-fired facility slated to stop burning coal at the end of 2013 (one year ahead of schedule). Replacing coal with cleaner generation, renewables and conservation will help ease strain on the health care system by eliminating up to 30 megatonnes of emissions that contribute to illness and premature death.

2. No New Nukes

The provincial government has also abandoned plans to spend billions of dollars to build two new nuclear plants. The decision is expected to affect the nuclear industry, which is already facing a decline due to safety concerns and issues around waste storage, environmental hazards, and cost. 

3. Renewables and Conservation

Over the last ten years, 3,300 megawatts of renewable energy has come online in Ontario — enough to power 900,000 homes each year. While wind and solar still only make up about 5% of Ontario's total energy supply mix, we're getting closer to a grid powered more by renewables. The Ministry of Energy's Long Term Energy Plan will be released by the end of the year, but communications so far indicate that renewables and conservation will be a large part of the plan. 

4. Community Power Achievements

Communities are getting involved. This year, 27.8 MW of renewable energy projects with community participation were awarded new FIT contracts and 46 MW with aboriginal participation. We would like to see more, but SolarShare is charging ahead to involve as many members as possible in the community power movement and build as many installations as possible under current policy. Our two new solar arrays, Michael Street in Ottawa, and Goodmark in Toronto, were connected to the grid this month, bringing SolarShare's current capacity over 1 MW. 

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