Producing Solar at the Noodle Factory

Jul 07, 2015

Steve Hartman knows a good opportunity when he sees one. With 389,000 square feet of available rooftop space on his two Brampton factory buildings, Steve realized the potential for generating clean solar energy for his community while earning revenue. Steve joined forces with SolarShare to install two solar systems on his rooftops, each capable of producing 600kW DC of electricity, enough to power the manufacturing plants housed within his buildings or over 140 homes. SolarShare is proud to announce that these two new systems are now up and running!

The businesses within the two buildings, affectionately known at SolarShare as Noodle Factory 111 and Noodle Factory 153, manufacture various foam items, including most of the colourful pool noodles available in Canada.

Both Noodle Factory buildings are located in an industrial area in Brampton and require a great deal of electricity to keep their operations running. It is helpful when building owners like Steve use their large rooftops to harness the power of the sun, producing electricity right where it is needed.

Many people ask what types of spaces are we looking for in terms of building solar systems, and how it works. Here are some details:

-Rooftops need to be between 90,000 and 120,000 sq. ft to generate a suitable amount of electricity as required by the government's FIT program
-Building owners need to be willing to lease their rooftops for at least 20 years
-Some building owners like Steve partner with us to own half of the system
-It costs about $3.00 per watt to build a fully installed solar system

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Check out each of these new system’s energy outputs in real time via SolarVu:

Noodle Factory 111

Noodle Factory 153