Renewable Energy & the Federal Election

Oct 07, 2015

The Federal Election is occurring on October 19, 2015 and renewable energy is a hot topic. Here is a summary of where the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Green Party stand on this issue. Only the Green Party has released their full platform, so watch out for more information that is announced by the other federal political parties in the lead up to voting day. We would like to emphasize that SolarShare takes a non-partisan stance, and we are sharing this information to encourage voters to consider these issues in the upcoming election, no matter your political leaning.

As a starting point, each party has provided information on their greenhouse gas reduction target. Transitioning off fossil fuels and adopting a greater use of renewable energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to alleviating climate change and global warming.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Target:
2025* Reduction Target relative to 1990 levels**
  Conservative Party  6.5% reduction by 2025***
  Liberal Party  No set target (have promised to limit global warming to not  surpass 2 degrees warming) 
  New Democratic     Party (NDP)  34% reduction by 2025
  Green Party  26.7% reduction by 2025
*Target adjusted to compare between parties on the same target year
**Historical base year under the Kyoto Protocol
***The Conservatives have set a target for 2030, so this is a midpoint between Canada's 2020 target set in Copenhagen and the Conservative Party's 2030 target

With these GHG reduction targets in mind, here is a summary of the information released and promises made by each of the four parties:

 Conservative  Party
 Liberal Party
 New  Democratic  Party (NDP)
 Green Party

There are many ways that voters can use this information to guide their decision on October 19th. Choices include strategic voting through initiatives such as LeadNow's VoteTogether Campaign, supporting MPs in all major parties that have strong environmental records profiled by GreenPAC, if you're in Toronto, you can attend ELSE's Climate Change & Renewable Energy Policy in Canadian Federal Politics event on October 14th, or bring up renewable energy issues at local all-candidates meetings. The choice is yours, so take this information and use it to support a clean energy future in whatever way you choose!